What is your product made from?

Caesarstone Mineral™ Surfaces, they are innovative, sustainable, low silica surfaces formulated with a unique blend of natural minerals and recycled materials for superior durability and aesthetic appeal.

Where can I use these products?

Our products are made from hygienic and durable Caesarstone Mineral™ Surfaces, so they are ideal for use in kitchen and bathrooms. Nonporous and safe, they are perfect in areas where food is prepared and served. They can also be used in all other areas within the home.

Products should not be used in direct UV-ray exposure and extreme weather - unless the product is noted as suitable for outdoor use.

Do I need to apply a sealer?

No, Caesarstone Mineral™ Surfaces are virtually non-porous, and you will never have to use a sealer or any other kind of wax.

Is the product safe for food use?

Caesarstone Mineral™ Surfaces are virtually non-porous and are perfectly suited for kitchen areas, or wherever food is prepared, as they greatly reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Our products are free of mould and bacteria.

Is the edge polished?

The edge is not polished, we are working to limit our impact to the environment. To polish the product requires excess use of water.

What does the edge finish look like?

Unless otherwise stated in the product description. The edge of our product is not polished, therefore it is not smooth. Some products will have a small visible outdent. Depending on the colour some may have tiny ridge marks visible. Some products may also have a indent on the underside of the product, due to the cutting process. Take a look at the below images for example;


Will the product look exactly the same as the photo image?

Due to the nature of the material, some colour variances will occur. No product will be exactly the same as another.

How often will you update your product?

With product being created from waste, we will only offer what is available at the time. Since the product is enjoying a second chance at life, new limited release product will be available every second month, for two months.

Ensure you sign up at the bottom of our homepage, to stay up to date with the latest offer.

How long will it take for me to receive my products?

We will pack your product within 3 business days of placing order. For personalised order please allow 6 business days for packing. Postage time frames will then depend on Australia Post. We suggest you allow 5—10 business days for standard post.

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