Let's Have Fun with Colour

Let's Have Fun with Colour

Are you ready for Summer entertaining?

We have picked our most popular colour Airy Concrete™ by Caesarstone® to match with complementing colours within our range - to enhance your styling, whilst entertaining with family and friends.

Airy Concrete™ has the feel of concrete in full movement, with mineral splotches, it's a perfect combination with Atlantic Salt™, Rugged Concrete™ or Nougat™.

Image of Caesarstone Airy Concrete with Atlantic Salt, Rugged Concrete and Nougat.


Serving Platter

Enjoy a cheese platter with family and friends, consider using 2 arch serving platters, for styling your foods. Cheese and meats can be prepared in advance on one arch and stored in the fridge ready for entertaining, the other arch can be prepared with crackers and condiments.

Need some inspiration?

3 platters styled with various food. Seafood Platter. Cheese & Warm Bread. Salami, Olives and Strawberries.


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